Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Human Brochure - Some thoughts before the event.

Some time ago, alerted by an RT from somebody on Twitter, I threw my name into the hat for Australian Capital Tourism's "500 Humans" campaign. It must have been a big hat; apparently some 31,405 other people also tossed their name in as well!

The idea is that 500 "social media savvy" people will be chosen to travel to Canberra either on the weekends of 26-28 October or 15-17 February and will get to participate in a number of events which will showcase the best that Canberra can offer to tourists. The events, and the winners, will be split into 4 'streams'; Arts & Culture, Adventure, Family fun, and Food & Wine.

In return, the successful applicants are asked to publish content about their experience on social media; Facebook, Twitter, personal blogs etc.

On Monday evening I got an email to say that I had been accepted and would be in the adventure stream for the October weekend! "Whooo", as they say, "Hoooo!"

An interesting aside, if you like probability maths:- Of those 31,406 applications, 500 were selected, 250 for each weekend. Of the 249 other people selected for the October weekend, two of them I have actually met after following them on Twitter! What are the odds? No, really, what are the odds? I can't figure it out. Seems like a huge coincidence to me.

Anyway, it appears that I'll be traipsing off to Canberra, a city I haven't been to since the early 80s, in a couple of weeks. There I shall have adventures. A hot air balloon ride has been mentioned, as has mountain biking and a visit to the alpine wilderness.

I'll be taking lots of photographs and sharing them via Twitter and through this little blog.

So, who has suggestions as to what I should do in whatever downtime is left by all this adventuring?


  1. Looking forward to meeting you and enjoying the adventure stream with you, Jim!

    1. I'll look forward to meeting you as well, Amy. It should be a whole bunch of fun!

  2. I'm in the Feb adventure cohort. Go forth and blaze a trail and blog about it, can't wait to whet my appetite with peoples' posts!

    (On the numbers front, I know at least 3 of the other people going in person. But social media can be a bit like that. :D)

    1. Thanks for dropping by Sadhbh! I was actually wondering how the February cohort would feel about us "early birds" spoiling their surprises! I hope they all feel as you do.

    2. I don't know if you stayed subscribed here Sadhbh, but on the off chance that you did, how did your weekend go? I'm sure you had a fabulous time. I hear that the "Amazing Race" was, well, amazing!