Monday, October 22, 2012

Human Brochure - Four more sleeps!

It's getting pretty exciting around the Human Brochure/500 Humans cohort now. Only four more sleeps, to use the kiddy countdown to Christmas terminology, before the first batch of us head to the nation's capital, Canberra.

To continue the kids at Christmas theme, I actually had trouble getting to sleep last night. It was partly excitement, but also partly anxiety and worry.

You see, I've lived in or visited all of the state capitals of Australia and I've lived for periods overseas (Hong Kong and San Angelo, Texas) and I've visited many other countries around the Asia-Pacific region. However, since I returned from the USA in 1996 after a two year stay, I haven't even left the state of Victoria.

This means that I haven't flown anywhere in the post-9/11 era, and I honestly have no idea what to expect.

I don't know how much, or what size, luggage is acceptable. How long prior to the flight to arrive at the airport? Heck, I don't even know how I'm going to get to the airport!

I don't know what isn't allowed to be taken into the aircraft cabin. I don't normally carry knitting needles or nail scissors on me, but I do always carry a pocket knife. I must leave that at home because I simply cannot have it taken away from me; it was my late father's. That whole "bottles of liquid" thing, is that just for international flights? That's not really a worry either. The only time I carry a bottle of liquid with me that I couldn't just dump is when I take a hip flask on a cold night's long-exposure starry sky shoot!

Anyway, I'm sure that the team behind the Human Brochure weekend (who seem like lovely people to judge from the tweets and FB posts that I've seen), will clear all this up for me, hopefully tomorrow when we receive our itineraries. Either that or you lovely readers will give me the lowdown in the comments.

You guys wouldn't lead a poor old blue muppet astray, would you?

Best spoof flying advice comment will win control of the internet for a whole day.

Looking forward to meeting some of you during the weekend.

Good Light,



  1. Ha ha! You'll be's like riding a bike!

    The whole liquid thing is just for international.
    It will depend on the booking, but I would say we'll have checked luggage allowance, so if in doubt, just put it in your checked bag. Hipflask for stargazing in the chilly dead of night sounds like a top idea!
    And I'd say you'll need to have checked in for the flight 30 minutes before departure (unless it's Tiger....but surely they won't do that to us!!!).

    Looking forward to it, too!
    The engagement on FB and Twitter is certainly making the weekend even more exciting!

    1. "Like riding a bike"? Well thanks for increasing the level of anxiety! ;) I put "Beginner" in answer to the mountain biking question. It's been a long time since I've done that as well.

  2. I love reading your excitement regarding Human Brochure. If this is what your blog is going to be like anticipating it, I can't wait to read about your adventures when on tour.

  3. Adventures? We're going to have adventures! And fun. And good food. Perhaps a little wine as well, why not?